London Martial Arts

  At London Martial Arts we have dedicated ourselves to: Providing the highest level of martial arts training available; helping youth and adults of all ages tap into their potential while offering a clean, safe family atmosphere. From beginners to experienced we offer training for all skill levels at London Martial Arts whether you’re looking to learn self defense, anti bullying, fitness or wanting to display your knowledge while competing. We are committed to serving our students in the martial arts community.We train to build strength, both mentally and physically while establishing a strong foundation of integrity and self-discipline that will facilitate personal and professional success. 
  London Martial Arts is currently London, Kentucky’s only facility that is an Adopt A Cop BJJ Affiliate; offering free to low cost training for uniformed officers. We understand the importance of our Law Enforcements safety and are dedicated to helping. While Brazilian Jiu Jitsu does not replace existing training methods, it does give officers additional knowledge that can be implemented. 
London Martial Arts was voted Best Of The Best 2022 by people of London, KY. 
  London Martial Arts is currently the only facility in London, KY to have world rankings in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Treyton Byerly holding Gold in Gi and No Gi. Dylan Brewer holding Gold in Gi and Bronze in No Gi. Anthony Mazzola holding Bronze in Gi and No Gi.
  London Martial Arts is currently the only facility in London, KY that offers Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.